PR is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and their publics. Being a multi-faceted industry, we pride ourselves on being professionals in all PR disciplines, offering a fit-for-purpose approach tailored to your needs and budget.


We’ll use a variety of methods to generate cut-through media coverage – in print, online and broadcast media. These services range from writing and pitching media releases and managing press conferences to hosting press trips, facilitating photo shoots, creating brand activations and conducting media drops. We ensure the publicity we generate is seen and heard by the exactly right audience for you.


We’ll work closely with you to understand your business goals and develop strategic communication campaigns to meet your objectives. We ensure the PR campaigns project the oganisation’s key messages quickly and effectively to the target market.


One of the most effective PR tools is liaising with the media, and this is something we do on a daily basis. That means strong relationships with journalists and other content providers. We craft media releases that translate your business activities into newsworthy stories – and then personally pitch those ideas to key media. Our strong presence in the mediasphere ensures your company is always given the best placement opportunities.


We craft strategic communication material that will enagage and make an impact on your target market. Sharpening your key messages is one of our specialties, whether it’s press releases, feature articles, advertorials, case studies, award submissions, industry grants, brochures, speeches, website content, internal staff publications, or TV and radio scripts.


We work with influencers to create meaningful content to promote a product, brand or service.


PR is a two-way communication process between an organisation and its public. We help you build the right relationships and burnish a positive reputation with the community in order to keep your business momentum thriving.


If anyone in your organisation deals directly with media, interview training is a must. It’s important that any representative knows how to best promote your business when in the media spotlight. We offer top-notch media training and tools you’ll need to manage the situation with flair (and not break out in a sweat!).


When facing a business issue or crisis, it is vital to maintain clear, positive and accurate communication with stakeholders to minimise sensitive situations. We can help you to respond to a business issue or crisis in an effective, timely manner to avoid or minimise damage to your organisation’s profitability, reputation or operations.


Sponsorship offers the possibility of achieving several goals at once – enhancing your brand image, shaping consumer attitudes, driving sales, creating positive publicity and heightening brand visibility. All of this raises your competitive advantage. Let us help you align your business with sponsorship opportunities and manage the complete process to ensure your brand is gaining maximum exposure and benefits.