3AM Thoughts is a PR, marketing and events management consultancy, based in Perth.

We develop and deliver bespoke communication strategies and campaigns to put your brand firmly in the spotlight.

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Communicate, connect and engage. We develop communication strategies that engage target markets and build, maintain and grow brands.


Effective marketing is all about identifying and understanding your customer and giving them exactly what they want. Captivate them.


Product and venue launches, cocktail parties, conferences, creative workshops and award ceremonies. Host a spellbinding event for your audience and you’ll turn them into lifelong fans. So let’s get your party started.

How it Works

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    The Deep Dive

    We immerse ourselves in your organisation to get a deep understanding of your business objectives. And then we broaden our focus, conducting industry-wide research to pinpoint target markets. The result? We look at your brand from a 360-degree perspective.

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    The Brainstorm

    Now it’s time to let the creative juices flow – to develop a practical communication strategy that will meet your business objectives, ensure your organisation stands out from the crowd, and engage with your target market. How? By integrating public relations, marketing and events methods, tailored to your budget and campaign objectives.

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    The Takeaway

    Here’s the best part, where we implement the strategy and bring it to life. Using targeted communications, we run unforgettable events and campaigns that engage media, opinion formers and key influencers. It all adds up to an integrated, consistent message that reflects your vision, and your values.

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    The Upshot

    We build a strong and positive reputation for your business and drive sales. We get people talking about your organisation.