Public Relations


A good public relations strategy isn’t about shouting about your brand from the rooftops: it’s crafting a compelling message that cuts through the noise and attracts the attention of your target market. We create newsworthy narratives for your brand to provoke immediate interest and awareness, and open doors to connect your brand with influencers and customers. The result is enduring and meaningful relationships between your organisation and their publics.



First, it’s about identifying a product or service you want to bring to market. Next, it’s developing that product or service tailored for a particular target audience – and then promoting, promoting, promoting it (and then promoting it again) to members of that audience through a variety of means. Brand activation. Direct marketing. Media scheduling. Brand Collaborations. And we do it all.

Event Management


Product or venue launches, cocktail parties, conferences, award ceremonies and creative workshops. Or, jumping stark naked into the ocean … Create a spellbinding event for your audience and you’ll turn them into lifelong fans. Amazing events transform consumers into active promoters.  So let’s get your party started.